Don’t expect to walk into a bookstore and buy a copy of The Complete Works of Dashiell Hammett, because no such volume exists. But the following books, none of which are overly hard to find, will give you the vast majority of Hammett’s work:

Dashiell Hammett: Complete Novels, 1999, Library of America

Contains the novels  Red Harvest,  The Dain Curse,  The Maltese Falcon,  The Glass Key,  and  The Thin Man.

Dashiell Hammett: Crime Stories and Other Writings, 2001, Library of America  

Includes: Arson Plus,  Slippery Fingers,  Crooked Souls,  The Tenth Clew,  Zigzags of Treachery,  The House in Turk Street,  The Girl With the Silver Eyes,  Women, Politics & Murder,  The Golden Horseshoe,  Nightmare Town,  The Whosis Kid,  The Scorched Face,  Dead Yellow Women,  The Gutting of Couffignal,  The Assistant Murderer,  The Creeping Siamese,  The Big Knockover,  $106,000 Blood Money,  The Main Death,  This King Business,  Fly Paper,  The Farewell Murder,  Woman in the Dark,  Two Sharp Knives,  The Thin Man: an Early Typescript,  From the Memoirs of a Private Detective,  and  Suggestions to Detective Story Writers.

Nightmare Town, edited by McCauley, Greenberg & Gorman, 1999, Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

Includes:  Nightmare Town,  House Dick,  Ruffian's Wife,  The Man Who Killed Dan Odams,  Night Shots. Zigzags of Treachery,  The Assistant Murderer,  His Brother's Keeper,  Two Sharp Knives,  Death on Pine Street,  The Second-Story Angel,  Afraid of a Gun,  Tom Dick or Harry,  One Hour,  Who Killed Bob Teal?,  A Man Called Spade,  Too Many Have Lived,  They Can Only Hang You Once,  A Man Named Thin,  and   The First Thin Man. 

The Big Knockover, 1989, Vintage Crime

All of the stories in The Big Knockover can be found in Crime Stories or Nightmare Town – with one exception: “Tulip,” a fragment of a novel that Hammett never finished.

Lost Stories 2005, Vince Emery Productions

Obscurities and rarities:  The Barber and His Wife,  The Parthian Shot, The Great Lovers,  Immortality, The Road Home, The Master Mind, The Sardonic Star of Tom Doody, The Joke on Eloise Morey Holiday, The Crusader, The Green Elephant, The Dimple, Laughing Masks, Itchy, Esther Entertains,  Another Perfect Crime, Ber-Bulu, The Advertising Man Writes a Love Letter, Night Shade, This Little Pig, The Thin Man and the Flack.

The Hunter and Other Stories, 2013, Mysterious Press

More obscurities and rarities:  The Hunter,  The Sign of Potent Pills,  The Diamond Wager,  Action and the Quiz Kid,  Fragments of Justice,  A Throne For the Worm,  Magic,  Faith,  An Inch and a Half of Glory,  Nelson Redline,  Monk and Johnny Fox,  The Cure,  Seven Pages,  The Breech-Born,  The Lovely Strangers,  Week-End, On the Way, The Kiss-Off,  Devil’s Playground,  On the Make, and  A Knife Will Cut For Anybody.


Return of The Thin Man, 2012, Mysterious Press

The screen treatments that eventually became the second and third movies in the Thin Man franchise.







Hammett also wrote the introduction (and is credited as the editor) of the horror anthology Creeps by Night (1931), and his work as writer of the comic strip Secret Agent X-9 (1934) has occasionally been collected in book form.  And so on...