That's me in the center, grinning like an idiot.  I'm happy becuase I'm meeting two of the icons from my Bay Area childhood: Bob Wilkins and John Stanley. (This photo was taken in 2002. Bob Wilkins died in 2009, but John Stanley is still going strong.)


Throughout the 1970s and into the '80s, Bob (and later, John) hosted "Creature Features" on Channel 2.  Every weekend they would gleefully air some of the schlockiest horror and science fiction movies ever made, as well as the occasional good one.  


"Creature Features" may be long gone, but its spirit lives on, at least at my house. Here is a partial list of the movies in my personal collection:



Aliens From Space                    1954   B&W       Peter Graves

Amazing Colossal Man, The            1957   B&W       Glenn Langan

Amazing Mr. X, The                   1948   B&W       Richard Carlson

Amazing Transparent Man, The         1960   B&W       Douglas Kennedy

Ape Man, The                         1943   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Ape, The                             1940   B&W       Boris Karloff

Atom Age Vampire                     1960   B&W       Alberto Lupo

Attack Of the Giant Leeches          1959   B&W       Roger Corman

Bat, The                             1959   B&W       Vincent Price

Beast from the Haunted Castle        1959   B&W       Michael Forest

Beast Of Yucca Flats, The            1961   B&W       Tor Johnson

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla 1952   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Bloodlust                            1961   B&W       Robert Reed

Bluebeard                            1944   B&W       John Carradine

Bowery At Midnight                   1942   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Brain That Wouldn't Die, The         1962   B&W       Jason Evers

Bride of Frankenstein                1935   B&W       Boris Karloff

Buried Alive                         1939   B&W       Robert Wilcox

Carnival of Souls                    1962   B&W       Candace Hilligoss

Chamber of Horrors                   1940   B&W       Leslie Banks

Corpse Vanishes, The                 1942   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Cosmos: War of the Planets           1977   Color     John Richardson

Crash of the Moons                   1954   B&W       Rocky Jones

Creature from the Haunted Sea        1961   B&W       Robert Towne

Curse of the Swamp Creature          1966   Color     John Agar

Dead Men Walk                        1943   B&W       George Zucco

Dementia 13                          1963   B&W       Francis Ford Coppola

Devil Bat, The                       1940   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde                  1920   B&W       John Barrymore

Dracula                              1931   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Dracula (Spanish version)            1931   B&W       Carlos Villarías

Dracula's Daughter                   1936   B&W       Gloria Holden

First Spaceship on Venus             1960   Color     Yoko Tani

Frankenstein                         1931   B&W       Boris Karloff

Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man      1943   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Gamera the Invincible                1966   B&W       Brian Donlevy

Ghost of Frankenstein                1942   B&W       Lon Chaney Jr

Giant Gila Monster, The              1959   B&W       Don Sullivan

Good Against Evil                    1977   Color     Dack Rambo

Gorilla, The                         1939   B&W       Bela Lugosi

House of Dracula                     1945   B&W       John Carradine

House of Frankenstein                1944   B&W       Boris Karloff

House on Haunted Hill, The           1959   B&W       Vincent Price

Human Monster, The                   1940   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The         1923   B&W       Lon Chaney Sr

I Bury the Living                    1958   B&W       Richard Boone

I Eat Your Skin                      1964   B&W       William Joyce

Indestructible Man, The              1956   B&W       Lon Chaney Jr

Invasion of the Body Snatchers       1978   Color     Donald Sutherland

Invisible Ghost, The                 1941   B&W       Bela Lugosi

It Conquered the World               1956   B&W       Peter Graves

Killer Shrews, The                   1959   B&W       James Best

King of the Zombies                  1941   B&W       Mantan Moreland

Lady Frankenstein                    1971   Color     Jospeh Cotton

Last Man on Earth, The               1964   B&W       Vincent Price

Last Woman on Earth                  1960   Color     Roger Corman

Little Shop of Horrors, The          1960   B&W       Roger Corman

Mad Monster, The                     1942   B&W       George Zucco

Maniac                               1934   B&W       Bill Woods

Metropolis                           1927   B&W       Fritz Lang

Monster from a Prehistoric Planet    1966   Color     Tamro Kawaji

Monster Maker, The                   1944   B&W       J Carrol Naish

Monster Walks, The                   1932   B&W       Rex Lease

Mummy, The                           1932   B&W       Boris Karloff

Mummy's Curse, The                   1944   B&W       Lon Chaney Jr

Mummy's Ghost, The                   1944   B&W       John Carradine

Mummy's Hand, The                    1940   B&W       Dick Foran

Mummy's Tomb, The                    1942   B&W       Dick Foran

Night Fright                         1967   Color     John Agar

Night of the Blood Beast             1958   B&W       Roger Corman

Night of the Bloody Horror           1969   Color     Gerald McRaney

Night of the Living Dead             1968   B&W       George A Romero

Nightmare Castle                     1965   B&W       Barbara Steele

Nosferatu                            1922   B&W       Max Schreck

One Body Too Many                    1944   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Phantom Creeps, The (serial)         1939   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Phantom Empire, The                  1935   B&W       Gene Autrey

Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, The     1956   B&W       Kent Taylor

Phantom of the Opera, The            1925   B&W       Lon Chaney Sr

Phantom Planet, The                  1961   B&W       Dean Fredericks

Plan 9 from Outer Space              1959   B&W       Bela Lugosi (sort of)

Radar Men from the Moon (serial)     1952   B&W       Commando Cody

Revolt of the Zombies                1936   B&W       Dean Jagger

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians    1964   Color     Pia Zadora

Satanic Rites of Dracula             1974   Color     Christopher Lee

Scared to Death                      1947   Color     Bela Lugosi

Screaming Skull, The                 1958   B&W       John Hudson

She-Wolf of London                   1946   B&W       June Lockhart

Sisters of Death                     1977   Color     Arthur Franz

Snake People, The                    1971   Color     Boris Karloff

Snowbeast                            1977   Color     Bo Svenson

Son of Dracula                       1943   B&W       Lon Chaney Jr

Son of Frankenstein                  1939   B&W       Boris Karloff

SOS Coast Guard (serial)             1937   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Spooks Run Wild                      1941   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Stanley                              1972   Color     Chris Robinson

Swamp Women                          1955   B&W       Roger Corman

Terror, The                          1963   Color     Boris Karloff

They Came from Beyond Space          1967   Color     Robert Hutton

Tormented                            1960   B&W       Richard Carlson

Undersea Kingdom (serial)            1936   B&W       Crash Corrigan

Unknown World                        1951   B&W       Bruce Kellog

Vampire Bat, The                     1933   B&W       Lionel Atwill

Vengeance of the Zombies             1973   Color     Paul Naschy

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet     1965   Color     Basil Rathbone

War of the Colossal Beast            1958   B&W       Dean Parkin

War of the Robots                    1978   Color     Antonio Saboto

Werewolf of London                   1935   B&W       Henry Hull

White Zombie                         1932   B&W       Bela Lugosi

Wolf Man, The                        1941   B&W       Lon Chaney Jr


...and so on!  Have I watched them all?  No, I'm pacing myself.  It's a nice feeling to know that there's still some schlock out there I haven't seen yet!

In 2010, I was invited by Bill Arney to co-host an episode of “Cheese Theatre.” We ran The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962), and we even had an exclusive interview with the brain herself!

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