“I don’t love the Tenderloin,” Herb Caen once wrote, “but I dig it.”  It was one of his favorite places to go walking, and it’s still one of mine.  It is, without a doubt, the most real neighborhood in The City.

Mason & Eddy Streets

A Sixth Street pawnshop.

Larkin Street: Little Saigon

Watchin’ the world pass by.

The 100 block of Turk Street.

The original Original Joe’s, before it burnt. It has since  relocated to North Beach.

The 1000 block of Market Street.

Hotels along  Eddy Street, just off Leavenworth.

Ghost signs: remnants of another era.

It’s not polite to brag...

Showing up early for a good seat at a Glide Memorial service.

The legendary Ha-Ra Club on Geary Street.

Rain falling on  the intersection of Taylor & Eddy

Geary & Larkin Streets.

A  high-rise parking garage at Mason & O’Farrell.

“Defenestration” means the act of throwing something out of the window.  It’s also the name of the large-scale art installation on the exterior of the long-abandoned Hugo Hotel.  Artist Brian Goggin made it appear that the hotel’s furniture has come to life and is dancing around on the outside of the building.

Post & Hyde: a little too far up Nob Hill to be the Tenderloin.  Some call this neighborhood the Tendernob, others call it ‘Loin Heights.

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