Random shots of some of the characters (living and otherwise) around Baghdad-by-the-Bay.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

“Get off my lawn.”

Bay-to-Breakers participants...

...and the spectators.



Tourists and shutterbugs


A particularly goofy-looking shutterbug


“Think! THINK! Where did I leave my clothes?”


“Of course I’ll pose for a photo!”


Don Herron leading the Dashiell Hammett Tour.

The Doggie Diner restaurants are long gone, but this fiberglass head at 45th & Sloat has been declared a landmark.

New York City has Spider-Man.  San Francisco has... this guy.

Looks like a happenin’ party.

Looks like a really happenin’ party.

Great acoustics in the BART station.

Street poet Ricky Teague

Seriously... do you?

Vroom! Vroom!

Truth in advertising.

Extra-terrestrials in advertising.

Light-up body parts in advertising.

“Honestly, sometimes I don’t even think you’re listening to me!”

You’re playin’ with fire there, buddy!

Eat your heart out, Ricky Ricardo!

Worst Grateful Dead reunion EVER.

“What’re YOU lookin’ at??”

“Anyone seen Larry and Curly?”

Even in San Francisco, there’s lines you shouldn’t cross.

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